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An Opportunity to Franchise our Fare

How to Franchise?

Thirupathi Bhimas requires prospective franchisees to invest in about 2000 to 2500 Sqft. space in a location they consider appropriate and will establish a sustaining business for a Thirupathi Bhimas Fine Dine Restaurant. In addition to the restaurant area there should be adequate space for parking a minimum of 10-15 Cars, both for the convenience of customers and compliance with civic norms of the Corporation / Municipalities.

Interior Design of Thirupathi-Bhimas Restaurant Design

Turn-key infrastructure

Thirupathi Bhimas from its side will depute architects and interior designers to install a custom-fit food preparation, service bay and dining area that will provide dining comfort for 100 to 125 guests at a time.

Training & Support

Expert Chefs, Service Associates and Administrative personnel will then help the franchise set a routine for delivering the ‘Thirupathi Bhimas’ Quality of Food and Standard of Service to customers while administration personnel will ensure that best practices financial discipline, checks and balances are implemented to ensure profitability for the franchise.

Who will be our Ideal Partners for the Franchise?

Entrepreneurs who have property / can rent, lease property in good locations that will cater to high floating population, businesses, homes etc Persons who are capable and willing to invest for the long run and keen in sustaining the franchise
What is an ideal location?
Urban / Semi Urban zones, satellite city zones, that cater to a population of 2.5 million to 5 million people on thriving throughfares or arterial roads of the city.

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