Thirupati Bhimas Fine Dine Restaurants
The Thirupati Bhimas Now in Your City


The famed Thirupathi Bhimas Hotel will soon dot urban neighbourhoods with its chain of Fine-Dine Restuarants.

The franchise aims to deliver the popular and sought after vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner at these exclusive fine-dine restuarants across the state so that customers enjoy the Bhimas hospitality at locations near home. Thirupathi Bhimas has for over 3 generations now, treated its patrons to sumptuous food varieties from recipes and masalas that have been specially developed and handed-down by tradition. Thirupathi Bhimas Fine Dine Restuarants will carry forward the tradition of The Bhimas Residency Group of Hotels in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Bhimas Residency Hotels are favourites with patrons visiting the temple town who complete their pilgrimage with tongue-tickling food from the Bhimas’ Kitchen. Bhimas Residency has always placed hospitality and the comfort of its patrons on the highest pedestal of its service and will continue to hold in high esteem quality and customer satisfaction in the products it is to offer.

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An Opportunity to Franchise our Fare

Bhimas Residency is opening its doors to welcome Franchise Associates to extend the reach of the brand across the state and the country. It is our ardent endeavour to establish a Thirupathi Bhimas Fine Dine Restaurant in as many neighbourhoods as we can so that the flavours of the Thirupathi Bhimas Kitchen is a celebration that every customer indulges in.

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